Homeopathy - a complement to conventional medicine

This video is great because it highlights the value of homeopathy as a modality. It is a brilliant complement to conventional medicine. Personally I do not advocate avoiding all Western doctors and treatment. It's a matter of preferring to use gentle homeopathic remedies as a first line method of treatment. Instead of automatically using antibiotics or pharmaceuticals, why not use a method of treatment that is gentle as well as effective? Dr Julie Geraghty talks of her love for homeopathy and about the conditions she has successfully treated using the therapy. Read more → Homeopathy can be easily applied to many home injuries and common illnesses- the type of thing that mom's deal with all the time! The National Center for Homeopathy has created a few tutorial videos to get you started with basic information on how to use homeopathy at home. You can watch them all here, or go directly to the YouTube page: NCH Homeopathy Tutorials Read more →

From science to homeopathy, a veterinarian speaks

This is a great video of a veterinarian who studied all of the science and came back to using homeopathy. As he explains in the video, so often modern science can only suppress, palliate or manage disease. There isn't a real cure beyond taking meds that remove the symptoms for as long as you continue to take the meds. This is where alternative therapies like homeopathy can truly shine. There is the potential for real and lasting cure for many diseases. Read more →