Cost Effective

Everyone I know has a very busy life, and between your family and work it can seem almost impossible to schedule a health care visit within the working day. The last thing you need between school, your commute and errands is figuring out how to make time for your health. The good news is that with an internet connection we can make time to connect! Using Skype, I can offer a much greater range of appointment times. Homeopathy visits can be made in the morning, before work or during your lunch hour. Evening and weekends are also available. I enjoy meeting clients face-to-face, but I also appreciate that commuting and parking can be an issue. This also opens up access to people in different time zones! I’m happy to be able to connect with clients in a way that is comfortable and convenient. I will always keep office appointments open... Read more →

Cold and Flu Season It’s that time again, daylight is getting shorter and the kids are back in school. The temperatures are starting to drop, and you can feel that Fall has arrived. Even in California the air smells like Fall, and there are leaves changing color and dropping to the ground. It’s also the signal for the onset of Cold and Flu season! With colder weather and kids spending time in daycare or school, the chances of being exposed to a bug are higher. Maintaining your Health Keeping yourself and your family healthy is something you can work towards. Simple tools that keep your immune system functioning well are: Make sure your entire family gets enough rest. It gives your body time to relax and build up strength to fight germs! It's often easier said than done, but it is so important for health. Wash your hands in hot... Read more →

Many doses in a small bottle

One of the greatest things about homeopathy is how affordable it is. What a lot of people don't realize is that a single dose equals one pellet of the remedy. Usually more pellets are given, to make sure that you get a full dose. However, there is no need to take a great amount of pellets. This means that a single purchase of a remedy can last a very long time. For example, Arnica is one of the most popular remedies: Boiron - Arnica Montana 200ck, 80 pellets This single bottle contains many many doses of the remedy. You can use it for yourself and for your family for a long time to come! As long as the remedies are stored out of direct sunlight, without great changes in temperature- it will last for many years. This means that with a small investment, you can build a home kit that... Read more →

Cost effectiveness of complementary therapies

Homeopathy is known as being cost effective. They are available at the local grocery stores, and cost less than most co-pays. This may be part of the reason they are criticized so often- no one will make millions marketing the latest homeopathic remedy! Because they are inexpensive and easily available, large pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in not supporting their use. Fortunately there is more and more research being done on the cost effectiveness of alternative therapies, including homeopathy. In a time of such financial crisis it makes a lot of sense to invest in alternative medicine. It could save the government and the people millions of dollars if these therapies were supported and funded by major healthcare plans. More information on some of the recent research into the cost effectiveness of complementary medicine may be found in this article: John Weeks writes the Cost Effectiveness of Complementary Medicine Read more →