Complementary medicine

Homeopathy - a complement to conventional medicine

This video is great because it highlights the value of homeopathy as a modality. It is a brilliant complement to conventional medicine. Personally I do not advocate avoiding all Western doctors and treatment. It's a matter of preferring to use gentle homeopathic remedies as a first line method of treatment. Instead of automatically using antibiotics or pharmaceuticals, why not use a method of treatment that is gentle as well as effective? Dr Julie Geraghty talks of her love for homeopathy and about the conditions she has successfully treated using the therapy. Read more →

photo credit: via Creative Commons 2.0 For those of us familiar with homeopathy, Arnica is one of the known superstar remedies. It has so many useful applications, including bruises bumps sprains and more. Now it is being recognized for its healing properties when used for post surgical recovery: I always appreciate seeing scientific inquiry verify what homeopaths have seen in practice! Arnica is one of the most popular remedies, for good reason. It would be amazing to see Arnica used more often for post-surgical treatment. Arnica encourages the body to speed healing naturally, as opposed to steroidal treatments which do not relate to the body's ability to heal itself. Read more →

Cholesterol and Statin use

Cholesterol levels have long been a topic of discussion between doctors and patients. Traditional treatment has recommended uses of statins dependent on your cholesterol levels. New guidelines are challenging that notion. These new guidelines go towards doubling the number of recommendations for taking statins. How much attention should you pay to this change? You could be one of the millions of healthy Americans who will now be recommended to take this medication. The expanded definition of who should take the drugs will greatly increase usage. There are already challenges to the risk calculator used for the expanded definition. The side effects of statin use can include hair loss, fatigue, memory loss and lowered sex drive. Artificially lowering your cholesterol by drug use can take your cholesterol to levels which deprive your body of the elements needed to create hormones. It's important to take side effects into consideration when thinking of... Read more →

Antibiotics aren’t always the answer

Antibiotics are being prescribed more and more often to treat illness. Unfortunately they are being used to treat viral infections, and other illnesses which are not bacterial in nature. From the CDC: Antibiotics do not fight infections caused by viruses like colds, most sore throats and bronchitis, and some ear infections. Unneeded antibiotics may lead to future antibiotic-resistant infections. Symptom relief might be the best treatment option. Frequency of use has become a world wide problem resulting in antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. There are many reports of a future where overuse of antibiotics will cause a situation where they are no longer be effective. As stated above, it can also diminish the body’s ability to respond to antibiotics. It makes sense to explore alternative treatments in place of antibiotics, saving them for emergencies. Fortunately homeopathy is an ideal first line of defense. It’s non-toxic and aids the body’s natural... Read more →

Complementary medicine

Homeopathy is often described as Alternative medicine. I believe is it much more apt to include it under the umbrella of Complementary medicine. While homeopathy should be considered as an alternative choice, it works well in addition to traditional Western treatment. There are those who claim that homeopathy is dangerous as some homeopaths recommend eschewing any treatment outside of homeopathy. This is not a reasonable claim nor a reasonable approach to health care. I believe it is up to the individual to make the best choice for their best health. I believe that Western medicine has value, and has a place in your health care- ideally in addition to homeopathy. When visiting a doctor in France the first round of treatment is homeopathic, and if that is not effective then Western medicine is applied. This is a perfect balanced approach where the patient has the option of trying safe non-toxic... Read more →