New offering: Recovery Care Packages

Now Offering: Skype appointments

Desk with lamp plantEveryone I know has a very busy life, and between your family and work it can seem almost impossible to schedule a health care visit within the working day. The last thing you need between school, your commute and errands is figuring out how to make time for your health. The good news is that with an internet connection we can make time to connect!

Using Skype, I can offer a much greater range of appointment times. Homeopathy visits can be made in the morning, before work or during your lunch hour. Evening and weekends are also available. I enjoy meeting clients face-to-face, but I also appreciate that commuting and parking can be an issue. This also opens up access to people in different time zones!

I’m happy to be able to connect with clients in a way that is comfortable and convenient. I will always keep office appointments open as an option, but want to encourage others to use Skype if that is the option that makes homeopathy accessible to you.

I’m also open to using GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx or Google Hangouts.


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