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Test Anxiety

GlassesAs we approach the summer most people are thinking of summer vacations and enjoying time off. However, before that point most students face finals exams. There may be annual assessments or higher level standardized tests to face. This can cause quite a bit of stress as future school entrances or graduation may depend on success.

Some anxiety may be eased by practice, meditation and tutoring. This article illuminates the struggles that kids suffering from high anxiety may experience:


In addition to practical tips on studying productively, sleep and diet tips and relaxation - homeopathy can help! Here are three common remedies that ease test anxiety:

  • Gelsemium: This remedy works well when your reaction to stress is to freeze. You cannot think through problems, feeling like a rabbit in the headlights.

  • Argentum nitricum: This remedy is the most common one for test anxiety. Rapid repetitive thoughts won’t stop asking “what if?” questions. You are constantly on edge and it feels endless.

  • Lycopodium: This remedy helps when anxiety causes digestion issues, or causes a loss of appetite. When the anxiety presents on a physical level, this remedy may provide relief.

Test anxiety is common and it pays to be able to ease the effects of it. The same symptoms may appear during many stressful events in our lives - graduations, internships, professional certifications or interviews. Even happy events such as a planning a wedding may cause anxiety that these remedies can help. Stage fright is another example of when these remedies may help you be your best without being hindered by anxiety.  If this is a common problem which isn’t helped by acute treatment, I would recommend looking into constitutional homeopathic treatment.

These remedies can help you be your best self under pressure. Use them well!


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