Change of Seasons
Antibiotics have serious consequences

Happy New Year!

LeapHappy New Year!

The holidays have ended and you may be looking at new resolutions, or are just recovering from the holidays. It isn’t unusual for people to overindulge and then begin the new year vowing to make a new start.

If you’re serious about investing time and energy into your health, consider making an appointment with a homeopath. I will look at your health history and your current concerns and create an individualized treatment plan for you. Make an investment into your health and well being!

In addition to diets and exercise, homeopathy can boost your health to a new level. If you’ve been ignoring any uncomfortable symptoms or diagnoses, this is the best time to look directly at them and take steps to getting it addressed.

For the month of January I’m offering you an incentive to take the leap:

15% off your initial intake appointment

If homeopathy has been something you’ve considered, now is the time to make it happen. My office is available for appointments in Berkeley, but I also take clients who are able to Skype, or use Google Hangouts.


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