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Antibiotics have serious consequences

More research shows the damage that antibiotics can cause. The drugs are powerful enough to kill all of the good bacteria in addition to the bad, and so should be used carefully.Here is an article from the Atlantic showing new research about how long the effects of antibiotics last:

Antibiotics change the gut microbiome for up to a year

"Clearly,” the study reads, “even a single antibiotic treatment in healthy individuals contributes to the risk of resistance development and leads to long-lasting detrimental shifts in the gut microbiome."

Here is a short list of some of the most common reasons people are given antibiotics, and they are all treatable with homeopathy:

    • diarrhea
    • cough
    • pneumonia
    • flu
    • diverticulitis
    • ear infections

Talk to your homeopath about how to use remedies, especially for issues that repeat year after year. Antibiotics have a place in medicine, and yet should not be used so frequently when other treatments with less consequences are effective.


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