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Health is not symptom management

DSCF6306Health management

The most common pattern for health is to expect more symptoms, more diagnoses, and more medication as we age. This is what we are all led to expect. An issue will come up and a medical professional will tell us how we are.

We are encouraged to make the most of where we are, by accepting whatever issues aging has brought us. Perhaps it’s chronic indigestion from stress, or insomnia, or something more severe. Doctors tell us what is wrong, and how to manage our symptoms. We are given prescriptions for each issue, and our daily regime of medication grows with time.

The pattern is to be given a list of issues that match your symptoms and a prescription. The medication can remove the discomfort, but does it treat the underlying issue?

Health care becomes symptom management

No one talks about getting rid of medications, or overcoming chronic complaints. Even one time illnesses are dealt with quickly and severely with rounds of antibiotics and the most current medications. No one talks about why these issues came up for you, or why it started at this time in your life.

Health is not about symptom management. It’s not about taking more medication to remove your symptoms, or worse, taking more to remove the side effects of the first prescription medication. Health is about improving your body’s ability to heal itself. It’s about making sure your immune system is working well.

Seeing the forest from the trees

Each symptom, and each diagnoses is seen as separate. Attention is put on the immediate problem, without acknowledging the whole person. It is focusing on the trees, and not seeing the forest.

Homeopathy does not manage symptoms. It doesn’t just erase pain or discomfort. Homeopathy heals the root of the issue, resolving what caused the symptoms to occur in the first place. Stopping medication typically means your issue will return as the medication only covers up the problem. Healing the issue from within offers hope that symptoms resolve and will not return because the original issue is healed.

You are not a collection of symptoms.  We each have an unique health history with issues that are mental, physical and emotional. Symptom management removes you from the picture. Homeopathy only sees you, and how all of your symptoms interrelate. Homeopathy heals by treating the whole person and not just individual issues or symptoms.


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