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We all have multiple symptoms

Map handsOccasionally my clients come to me and ask if homeopathy can help with a specific issue.

Homeopathy can do exactly that with acute prescribing. It’s the right method for “Acute” issues such as soccer injuries, effects of pregnancy, sports muscle strains, colds and flus, etc. When homeopaths refer to Acutes, it is for issues that only appear once.

 Our symptoms are a map

If it is a problem that has happened multiple times, or at a certain time every year- then we’re in the realm of Constitutional prescribing. This can be confusing to someone who is not familiar to homeopathy. Constitutional prescribing means only that we look at you holistically, and pay attention to all of your concerns. We look at what you come in with, and how it relates to the rest of your health. Each of your symptoms place markers on a map, showing a larger pattern of health.

Homeopathy works really well on that level. It takes your entire health history into consideration, instead of focusing on a single issue.  Whatever is bothering you most is likely part of a pattern in your health history. Your map is made up of markers for important symptoms and events in your life.

This is great because we all have multiple symptoms.

It is a rare person indeed who only has a single thing that is bothering them. There is often something that bothers them most, but that is taken into consideration during a constitutional intake! We are never just our indigestion- we must look at our headaches, insomnia, hay fever, PMS mood swings, etc. We live in bodies and minds that represent our entire life history.

Homeopathy looks at the whole person. 

This is holistic health care because we care about how you are on a mental, physical and emotional level. Each part influences the other. So when you have one issue, it make sense to look at you as a whole being to see what comes up.

Homeopathy can work on healing multiple symptoms because it stimulates the body to heal itself. A good homeopathic remedy can boost your body’s immune system and heal issues on all levels. 

Can homeopathy help with my issue?

So if you ask if homeopathy can help with a specific issue, the answer is YES. Even better, it can help with all of your issues instead of separating them out from the whole.


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