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Thinking about the upcoming school year? Recovering from travel or sports injuries? Bracing yourself for the effects of winter weather? During the month of September, all new clients will get a 20% discount on their intake fee. Take this opportunity to improve your health now and Schedule an Appointment. Read more →

Occasionally my clients come to me and ask if homeopathy can help with a specific issue. Homeopathy can do exactly that with acute prescribing. It’s the right method for “Acute” issues such as soccer injuries, effects of pregnancy, sports muscle strains, colds and flus, etc. When homeopaths refer to Acutes, it is for issues that only appear once. Our symptoms are a map If it is a problem that has happened multiple times, or at a certain time every year- then we’re in the realm of Constitutional prescribing. This can be confusing to someone who is not familiar to homeopathy. Constitutional prescribing means only that we look at you holistically, and pay attention to all of your concerns. We look at what you come in with, and how it relates to the rest of your health. Each of your symptoms place markers on a map, showing a larger pattern of... Read more →