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I have been a fervent advocate of the Charlotte Maxwell clinic from the time I first learned about it. This clinic has been providing integrative medical treatments and safety net social services to low-income women with cancer since 1991. I'm proud to have volunteered at the clinic for the past couple of years. I work with women of all ages and backgrounds, united in our efforts to support their lives with cancer. Homeopathy can provide essential support to the sick person's natural defenses. Because the body is not always successful in dealing with every stress or infection, it is important to find a substance in nature that has the capacity to mimic the symptoms the person is experiencing in order to aid the body in its efforts to defend and ultimately heal itself. Homeopathic medicine stimulates a person’s own healing processes. Treatment covers all aspects of the client's life. It... Read more →

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine that treats each person on the physical, mental and emotional level. It is safe for infants and is recommended for all ages. Common reasons for seeking homeopathic treatment include: Life BalanceHormonal SupportHealthy Living Stress Insomnia Anxiety Migraines Fatigue Menopausal symptoms Menstrual Irregularities/PMS Hormone imbalances/Thyroid issues Fertility Puberty Pregnancy/ Birth Children's health Healthy Aging Metabolism Depression Cancer SupportImmune SystemAcute Emotional balance Chemo Side Effects Immune system support Treatment support Chronic Infections Chronic Illness IBS/ Digestion issues Allergies Headaches Sports Injuries Surgical recovery Back pain Trauma Colds/Flu Schedule an Appointment Read more →

I was thrilled to hear about the Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage. It's a huge step towards equality. I want to celebrate the progress this country has made, while still acknowledging that there is still a long way to go for true equality. This is truly a historic day! I want to reaffirm that my practice is LFBTQQIAAP friendly. I welcome every person, including all variations of gender and sexuality. My practice is a safe space for individuals seeking health. Knowing who you are is such an integral part of holistic health, and being able to express that is an integral part of freedom. Health and freedom can be suppressed, and this can result dis-ease and suffering. I recognize your individuality and use that for finding the best remedy for you. Read more →