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No relief

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that they get no relief from their symptoms. They have been formally diagnosed with a disease[s] and have been receiving years of treatment. Unfortunately for them their symptoms never really improve. Often the symptoms worsen, or the side effects become new issues.

When you have a complaint that never improves, it is common to increase the dosage on your prescriptions and increase the number of treatments you have. Occasionally it means trying out more or different combinations of medicine. This can result in high out of pocket costs for doctor visits and expensive copays. And yet this often does not touch the source of the complaint.

Homeopathy works to heal the original source of the problem. The healing comes from within and can bring relief. Often the symptoms decrease immediately, although it can take quite some time to heal it fully if it has been a long term issue.

When you feel that you have tried everything and that nothing has helped, this is the time to try something new. Homeopathy often comes as a last resort, for people who have lost hope with other forms of treatment. It doesn't require you to stop seeing your doctor, or to stop taking your medications. Homeopathy can lessen your symptoms no matter what your situation. If you feel that you're living with complaints that are worsening and never improve - it may be time to invest in a new form of treatment.

I give free 15 minute consultations to any potential clients. If you have questions or believe homeopathy may help you, then give me a call @510-747-8297 or send email to [email protected].

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