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My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds- but one thing everyone has in common is a busy schedule. I realize that coming in to the office for an appointment isn't always easy to coordinate- not to mention the hassle of traffic, parking, or public transit. If you don't live in the Bay Area it might feel impossible to commute to Berkeley. While I enjoy the connections made face-to-face, I've learned over time that the important interactions can be done digitally. The homeopathic interview involves deep listening and expression, and there's no reason this cannot be done using the internet. I have a deep preference for seeing a client's face while we interact, and this is easily done if you have access to a good internet connection and headphones. I can easily make appointments using Skype, Google Hangouts, or Firefox Hello. I am available during afternoons, early evenings and... Read more →

The practice of holding space is so important in homeopathy. It's the practice of deep listening, and support without judgement. It is always my intention to hold space for my clients so that we can look directly at what needs healing. Being held in this way allows for deep healing to take place. Here is a lovely article about the practice and importance of holding space for others: photo credit: via Creative Commons 2.0 Read more →

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that they get no relief from their symptoms. They have been formally diagnosed with a disease[s] and have been receiving years of treatment. Unfortunately for them their symptoms never really improve. Often the symptoms worsen, or the side effects become new issues. When you have a complaint that never improves, it is common to increase the dosage on your prescriptions and increase the number of treatments you have. Occasionally it means trying out more or different combinations of medicine. This can result in high out of pocket costs for doctor visits and expensive copays. And yet this often does not touch the source of the complaint. Homeopathy works to heal the original source of the problem. The healing comes from within and can bring relief. Often the symptoms decrease immediately, although it can take quite some time to heal... Read more →