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The speed of modern life

Speed of modern life

In our modern world we rush forward so fast our health often gets to be a last priority. It’s something we deal with when we are forced to- when our symptoms become so intense they cannot be ignored.

Our lives are so intense that we lose touch with our feelings and our sense of our body. We push any warning signs to the side. We do this because we prioritize our family, our children, our jobs. It’s so common that it just feels normal and expected. And we do this until we can no longer manage.

It feels like a luxury to slow down, and to take a moment for yourself. In the spirit of the holidays, I encourage each of you to take a moment, an hour, or even a full day to luxuriate in slowness. Take some time to appreciate your body and to breathe deeply. Embrace the concept of enjoying each moment to the fullest.

Sleep a little longer. Save some time to get away by yourself in the midst of the holiday madness. Truly enjoy the food that nourishes you, and the love and support you have in your life. Slow down the speed of modern life for a moment and let yourself relax and enjoy.

photo credit: via Creative Commons 2.0


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