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Cholesterol and Statin use

Cholesterol levels have long been a topic of discussion between doctors and patients. Traditional treatment has recommended uses of statins dependent on your cholesterol levels. New guidelines are challenging that notion. These new guidelines go towards doubling the number of recommendations for taking statins.

How much attention should you pay to this change? You could be one of the millions of healthy Americans who will now be recommended to take this medication. The expanded definition of who should take the drugs will greatly increase usage. There are already challenges to the risk calculator used for the expanded definition.

The side effects of statin use can include hair loss, fatigue, memory loss and lowered sex drive. Artificially lowering your cholesterol by drug use can take your cholesterol to levels which deprive your body of the elements needed to create hormones. It's important to take side effects into consideration when thinking of adding new drugs to your regime.

High cholesterol is not good for you body, on this everyone agrees. However, treatment plans are not all the same. High cholesterol is a signal that your body gives in response to chronic inflammation. Instead of artificially lowering cholesterol, why not look for the root cause? Inflammation can be caused by poor diet, stress, lack of sleep - common ailments in our modern lives. It can also be from your age, family history, or a chronic diseases involving the thyroid, kidney or liver. Making better choices is a good start, and homeopathy can help. Homeopathy can't give you more hours in the day, but it can help treat the root causes of inflammation.

Homeopathy can give your body the boost it needs to start healing from within.


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