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It’s wonderful to see the great number of studies being done to prove the effectiveness of homeopathy. More and more research is being done, on different types of ailments and remedies.  To those who imagine homeopathy cannot work as it is “impossible”, these are important forays into proving the contrary. Homeopathy has over 200 years of case studies proving it’s effectiveness, and it’s nice to see more being done to establish the facts for the scientific community.

The National Center for Homeopathy is a fantastic resource for those interested in homeopathy. Here is a link to a list of over 800 published research articles . You can find many articles on how homeopathy works, clinical trials, and more in the research section: http://www.nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org/research

This post is wonderful as it lists many of the studies being done, where the papers and analyses may be read in the links.  It includes studies by the Swiss Government, as well as trials studying fibromyalgia, breast cancer and more: http://www.extraordinarymedicine.org/extraordinary-evidence-homeopathy-s-best-research/

As many people across the world know, homeopathy works! I appreciate reading more data to reinforce that homeopathy is evidence based medicine.


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