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Homeopathy Works for Menopausal Hot Flashes: Gold Standard Study

Homeopathy has a history of success treating menopausal symptoms. Often these symptoms are allayed during constitutional treatment as a part of improving health. Each woman has her own symptoms and issues which are an integral part of her overall health. However, menopausal symptoms can also be treated on it's own. It's always nice to see more scientific studies being done on homeopathic products! Hot flashes are the bane of many women going through menopause. They can inconvenient, embarrassing, and even crippling. They are, in fact, a primary reason that many women are willing to risk taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The risks that go along with HRT, though, are not necessary. A new study documents that a combination of homeopathic remedies, currently marketed in France as Acthéane, is effective. The study is what modern medicine likes to call the Gold Standard: double-blind and both placebo and randomly controlled. It compared... Read more →