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Homeopathic medicine works with skin issues

Study data presented by Dr. Signore at the 2012 American Academy of Dermatology Summer Academy meeting. From the article: For common dermatologic conditions such as acne, warts and eczema, classical individualized homeopathic medicine can provide a safe, inexpensive and nontoxic alternative or adjunctive treatment, said Robert J. Signore, D.O., at the 2012 American Academy of Dermatology Summer Academy Meeting. "We should be proud of what we can do with conventional dermatology, but homeopathic medicine can help sometimes when we have patients who don't seem to be getting better with the best conventional medicine," says Dr. Signore, a Tinley Park, Ill., dermatologist in private practice. Read the full article here: Dermatology Times: Homeopathy is effective treating skin complaints Read more →

Complementary medicine

Homeopathy is often described as Alternative medicine. I believe is it much more apt to include it under the umbrella of Complementary medicine. While homeopathy should be considered as an alternative choice, it works well in addition to traditional Western treatment. There are those who claim that homeopathy is dangerous as some homeopaths recommend eschewing any treatment outside of homeopathy. This is not a reasonable claim nor a reasonable approach to health care. I believe it is up to the individual to make the best choice for their best health. I believe that Western medicine has value, and has a place in your health care- ideally in addition to homeopathy. When visiting a doctor in France the first round of treatment is homeopathic, and if that is not effective then Western medicine is applied. This is a perfect balanced approach where the patient has the option of trying safe non-toxic... Read more →