Homeopathy answers the critics
Complementary medicine

Cost effectiveness of complementary therapies

Homeopathy is known as being cost effective. They are available at the local grocery stores, and cost less than most co-pays. This may be part of the reason they are criticized so often- no one will make millions marketing the latest homeopathic remedy! Because they are inexpensive and easily available, large pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in not supporting their use. 

Fortunately there is more and more research being done on the cost effectiveness of alternative therapies, including homeopathy. In a time of such financial crisis it makes a lot of sense to invest in alternative medicine. It could save the government and the people millions of dollars if these therapies were supported and funded by major healthcare plans. 

More information on some of the recent research into the cost effectiveness of complementary medicine may be found in this article:

John Weeks writes the Cost Effectiveness of Complementary Medicine



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