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How to choose a homeopath

Choosing a homeopath is an important decision for clients. You are putting your health, and the health of your family in their hands. So how do you find the right homeopath for you?

 It's not always a straight forward decision. You may choose someone based on a verbal recommendation from a friend or family member. You may find someone based on their education or credentials. You may even choose them based on their website! However, not everyone is aware of how different homeopaths can be, and how important it is to find someone who is compatible with your needs.

 What is important to you? This is a crucial question to ask. You should outline what you need from a homeopath, in order to find the one best suited to you.

 There are Classical and non-Classical homeopaths. For the layperson this may not mean much, but it represents very different ways of practicing. Classical homeopaths follow Hahnemann's practice of prescribing only one remedy at a time. Non-classical homeopaths work with multiple or combination remedies. Some homeopaths only prescribe traditional remedies, while others use newly proved remedies, imponderables, or echo remedies. Ask your homeopath to explain which method they practice, and why they chose it! 

 There is no "right" answer, only the right one for you. It's a matter of finding someone who is compatible with your needs. I can't say this often enough! The important part is understanding what you are looking for and asking questions of practitioners to see if you are a good match. 

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