Due to the ongoing pandemic, I am no longer working from my local office. Unfortunately I am not taking on new patients at this time. I'll be sure to update when this status changes. Read more →

Everyone I know has a very busy life, and between your family and work it can seem almost impossible to schedule a health care visit within the working day. The last thing you need between school, your commute and errands is figuring out how to make time for your health. The good news is that with an internet connection we can make time to connect! Using Skype, I can offer a much greater range of appointment times. Homeopathy visits can be made in the morning, before work or during your lunch hour. Evening and weekends are also available. I enjoy meeting clients face-to-face, but I also appreciate that commuting and parking can be an issue. This also opens up access to people in different time zones! I’m happy to be able to connect with clients in a way that is comfortable and convenient. I will always keep office appointments open... Read more →

Updated 2021: Unfortunately at this time I am not accepting new patients. I’m excited to announce that I’ve moved into a new office! My space is located within the Integrative Wellness Center in Oakland. The office is conveniently located near the MacArthur BART station and Telegraph Avenue. There is ample street parking available. I look forward to treating my clients in this beautiful new space! Updated address and contact information: 430 40th St. at Webster Oakland, CA 94609 email: [email protected] Read more →

Have you ever wondered if homeopathy was right for you? Does it work with the symptom or pain that you suffer from? The answer is generally "yes"! Here is a quick list of common issues that I've been trained to work with: Digestion: Gas and bloating Heartburn Constipation Lifestyle: Low energy level Sleep issues Excessive stress Difficulty concentrating Mental and Emotional: Depression Anxiety Irritability Grief Female body: Menopause PMS Irregular periods ....And many many more! I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation, so call or email me for an appointment. Read more →

As we approach the summer most people are thinking of summer vacations and enjoying time off. However, before that point most students face finals exams. There may be annual assessments or higher level standardized tests to face. This can cause quite a bit of stress as future school entrances or graduation may depend on success. Some anxiety may be eased by practice, meditation and tutoring. This article illuminates the struggles that kids suffering from high anxiety may experience: In addition to practical tips on studying productively, sleep and diet tips and relaxation - homeopathy can help! Here are three common remedies that ease test anxiety: Gelsemium: This remedy works well when your reaction to stress is to freeze. You cannot think through problems, feeling like a rabbit in the headlights. Argentum nitricum: This remedy is the most common one for test anxiety. Rapid repetitive thoughts won’t stop asking “what... Read more →